Tom & Monica Armitage

My wife and I would like to thank you very much for organizing our recent trip to Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet; the trip was well planned and everything went off without a hitch.

I must admit that we were a little concerned with transferring money and

dealing with a company so far away but after our experience with you, I would have no problem recommending High Asia Tours to anyone wishing to use your services. The communication prior to and during our trip was excellent, the itinerary was well thought out and the guides were very knowledgeable and accommodating.

We live at sea level (Vancouver) and found that when we arrived in Bhutan that the altitude was a lot harder on us than we had expected; shortness of breath and increased heart rate. Our guide was very cognisant of the time required for us to adjust to the altitude, ensuring the itinerary and pace allowed us to make the adjustment very quickly.

We were a little skeptical of the 3 hour hike in Nepal from Nagarkot to Nala but this turned out to be very enjoyable and as it was mostly all downhill, it wasn't too tiring. It was especially nice to be out of the city to meet and see how the people in the countryside live. Our visit to Chitwan was excellent and very educational; I would recommend a visit to Chitwan to anyone who visits Nepal.

We really appreciated your personal handling of our Tibet visa applications once we arrived in Nepal and the extra time and effort you put forth to obtain the visas so our trip could continue on as planned.

For Tibet, the increase in altitude wasn't as hard on us as expected but I think that is because we started our trip in Bhutan and our bodies had already started adjusting to the increasing altitude. Again the itinerary and pace that our guide set was excellent and we will always remember his catch phrase, "Slowly Slowly". The train ride from Lhasa to Beijing was very interesting and although many people got off after the first night, I am glad we stayed on the train as it was interesting to cross the country and see the ever changing landscape and different types of farming.

As noted above, we would like to thank you very much for organizing such an excellent trip for us and we will definitely contact you again if we ever travel to your part of the world again.