Bhote Koshi River Rafting, Class 3-5

Bhote Koshi River Rafting, Class 3-5


Trip Type:
Nepal Rafting

2 days

Trip Starts:
Lamosangdu Dam

Trip Ends:
Dolalghat Bazaar

Trip Over View

Bhote Koshi means "Tibetan River" so it should be no surprise that this river originates in the plateau of Tibet. The Kathmandu-Lhasa highway follows along the bank of Bhote Koshi River. You can run a day trip or do a two-day expedition that runs parts of the river twice. The Bhote Koshi is a great beginner river for rafters and fun for kayakers at all levels. The Bhote Koshi’s upper sections have rapids of grade 5+ but most of the commercially rafted sections are an overall grade of 4 with a few more challenging rapids that warrant a 4+ or 5-.

Bhote Koshi is a beautiful setting for an adventure trip with very steep and basically non-stop mountain rapids. Bhote Koshi is only a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu and offers two days of intense and challenging river activity. This great trip in Nepal offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime. If you have never rafted before or have limited time but desire an adrenaline overload, then the Bhote Koshi is the perfect introductory trip package for you. Bhote Koshi is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal and one of the best white water adventures in the world.

In addition to the adventure and excitement of Bhote Koshi, you also get a chance to see emerald green fields that are terraced high above the river on precarious slopes. The curious villagers lining suspension bridges are amazed as you plunge through cascading waves and chutes of foam. This is your chance to visit an ancient culture, trek in the awe inspiring Himalayas and get a tan – yes, the weather is sunny! We love the excitement of this trip – it really is the best available for whitewater fun. The rapids of the Bhote Koshi are a solid class IV- V at high flow, and a more classic III at lower levels. This true adventure can be rafted between October-December and February-April.


Outline Itinerary

The bus journey from Kathmandu takes 3-4 hours and rises up out of the valley and drops down into the Sun Koshi valley near Dolalghat (the Sun Koshi put-in).

A point 95 km east from Kathmandu is the starting point, Lomosangu-Dam, of the trip.

  • Transportation to the river

    The bus journey from Kathmandu takes 3-4 hours and rises up out of the valley and drops down into the Sun Koshi valley near Dolalghat (the Sun Koshi put-in). From here the valley is followed upstream and is still called the Sun Koshi. Close to Bahrabise the Sun Koshi turns east and the Bhote Koshi goes north. Close to the 95km marker the river can be accessed for a run. Further upstream the grades increase and they say that if you don't get scared, just keep going upstream and eventually you will! This is a spectacular drive through villages and if weather permits, you will have some fantastic mountain views i.e. Ganesh Himal, Langtang etc.

    On the river

    A point 95 km east from Kathmandu is the starting point, Lomosangu-Dam, of the trip. Crews will be waiting for you there with lunch ready. After lunch, we raft the first 10 km of the most exciting stretch of the river and then return to the start to run again the same stretch the next day. An alternative is to continue with half a day paddling to the end. Drive back to our camp. Today you have a second chance to show how your raft team can work well together in these challenging rapids. After breakfast, a quick pack up and we set out (approx. 9 to 10 a.m.) to run again a class 3 rapid starting from the upper section. We have lunch on the river and continue with the action until the take-out point at Dolalghat Bazaar about 2 to 3 p.m. and bus back to Kathmandu.

    Safety and Equipment Issues

    Safety and security of all our clients is our prime concern. All our guides are licensed, trained in CPR, first aid and advanced river rescue techniques. All our equipment is world class, up to date and carefully maintained. We use Avon self-bailing rafts. We always use safety kayakers on every trip and we prepare all food with the utmost attention to hygiene.

    Before your trip, you will be invited to an orientation meeting in order to meet the rest of your paddling team, the guide(s) and safety kayakers. this meeting is an opportunity if you need to ask any questions that you may have and also discuss any personal requirements such as a special diet or medical conditions that could affect your time with us. Upon arrival at the put-in point, there will again be a session of questions and answers. The captain briefs you about the day’s trip, river level, paddling tips and so on before you step into the boat.

    We have our own private transportation to take you to and from the river. When our own coach is not available then we provide a privately booked alternative. We provide plentiful of healthy and hygienically prepared food and drinks. Along with our high quality self-bailing rafts, we provide helmets, plastic paddles, wetsuits (during winter), life jackets, dry bags, camera barrels, all necessary safety and medical equipment. Tents and sleeping mats are also provided. Sleeping bags can be supplied upon request. All our equipment is of the highest quality, clean and well maintained.

    What to Bring

    In some ways it is best to bring as little as possible to the river. There are however, some essential personal items that you may need.

    • Light weight clothing that will dry quickly for example: shorts, t-shirt, swim wear for on the river.
    • And some warm clothing for the evenings including a fleece or a pullover.
    • Sunscreen and lip protector.
    • Sunglasses (with retaining device) and/or a cap.
    • Towel.
    • Toiletries (environmentally friendly is best!) and any personal medication.
    • Flashlight.
    • Footwear that will stay on in the river, ‘Tevas’ or tennis shoes are best.

    You may also want to consider bringing:

    • Camera, spare film and batteries.
    • Walkman/Discman.
    • Spare glasses/contact lenses.
    • A book to read.
    • Your diary and a pen!.
    • Snack treats/cigarettes.
    • A small amount of money.
    • A positive attitude!