Thailand is a country blessed with attraction from full of life modern cities to golden tropical beaches and perhaps Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations that people think of while planning a vacation. In 2013, Thailand was the most visited country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is suitably denominated as ‘The Land of Smiles’ because Thailand is a welcoming country and the people has endearingly warm nature. About 95 per cent of the population practices Buddhism which is also the main religion. Traditions in Thailand have been very much influenced from India, China, Lao, Cambodia, Burma and the rest of Southeast Asia. Thailand has been forever famous for so many things like, flora and bird life, archaeological and world heritage sites. Sandy beaches and hundreds of tropical islands attract millions of visitors each year from all over the globe and there are more than 1430 islands in Thailand. There are countless of Buddhist Temples (A Thai temple is known as a Wat) including the world’s ninth tallest statue, the Great Buddha of Thailand, at the Wat Muang Monastery in Ang Thong province. The capital city of Thailand Bangkok - one of everyone’s favorite city - is accessible by more than 80 of the world's major airlines. Roads here are filled with cars and noisy tuk tuks, roadways are packed full with rickety food stalls and shrines are loaded with fragrant flowers. This is a vibrant city with thousands of accommodations with luxury, deluxe and standard-class rooms. Bangkok perfectly combines ancient traditions with modern cultural diversities. Thailand’s other most striking and captivating destinations include: Pattaya, Kachanburi, Chon buri, Chiang Mai, Krabi etc. The best time to visit Thailand is between November and February and December is the festive season and some of the most colorful festivals, such as Loy Krathong, Trooping of the Colours and New Year are in this time. Once you are in this amazing Thailand, there is no looking back. Every little thing here welcomes you to have the best time of your life.

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