Situated in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a sovereign state bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.Myanmar used to be known as Burma and generally this mystifying and enthralling Myanmar is referred to as the Golden Land. Myanmar is a land of hills and valleys and it is bordered in the north, east and west by mountain ranges shaping a giant horseshoe. Bamar is the main ethnic group in Myanmar and the name of the country Burma was derived from the same name. Most Burmese people are friendly and polite and they welcome you in their country warmly. Myanmar is full of traditional culture, theology and old-world charisma. A visit to Myanmar is similar to turning back the clock where phone and internet connections are unreliable in places consequently letting you to peacefully experience a culture which lay emphasis on theology and venerate monks and holy men. Myanmar has striking landscapes, a tropical climate, attractive beaches and amazing sights. Myanmar’s nature comes with plentiful of natural attractions and is amazingly beautiful like: snow-capped mountains, deep forests, cool and picturesque places, long rivers, beautiful lakes, and well-preserved beaches and archipelagoes. Myanmar's attractions also include: temples, pagodas and historical sites abound with some areas such as Bagan boasting so many attractions. Myanmar offers you to tour to royally hill stations that are situated amid undulating pine-clad hills. Or flowing around Inle Lake with its stilt house villages at the water’s edge could be another choice. You can simply sense the supremacy of a Buddhist remnant at Kyaiktiyo, also recognized as Golden Rock, where a huge golden stupa rests insecurely on the border of a hill. Myanmar have always been a controversial destination and for decades Myanmar was closed to the outside world and when it finally opened, travelers were initially restricted to only a locations: Bagan, Mandalay, and Yangon. Nevertheless, Myanmar is getting bigger as new tourist destination.

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